Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OF COURSE it won't be here until next week!

Regular readers may know that I've been working on getting a lot of data recently for two projects. I am submitting grant proposals to fund both of these projects in the next week, one on Friday and the other on Tuesday. In order to strengthen these proposals, I set a couple of things in motion from weeks to months ago so that I would have data to add. I have samples being processed for both projects in two different locations right now. One set has been a continuous problem for months and the other was submitted a little later than I would have liked because of some lab issues.

I've been in contact with both over the last month and yesterday I talked directly with the people running the samples in each place. I got the same answer from both: we'll send you data next week.

Oh, you mean right after I've submitted both grants?

Yes, I know I can submit an update to the grant but there's no guarantee that it will be given to the reviewers since it is up to the PO to make a call on that. Having the data in the actual proposal is kinda a big deal. I should have known that the data would miss the deadline by mere days, that's just how things have been going for the last few months.

Dude. Fuck! sigh.


  1. In my experience reviewers don't see the updates, only panel members (at least two of whom should be reviewing your proposal). I would only go ahead and submit without the data if previous submissions received strongly positive reviews. Otherwise you're better off waiting the six months to the next deadline.

  2. Both have gotten good reviews in the past and I have new data for both, just not the coup de grâce that these data would be. I still think it's worth submitting them and providing the update. There's a slim chance I will have some limited information before one or both of the grants go out.

  3. Grrrr! I'm gnashing my teeth for you.

  4. I've been on both ends, waiting for data and generating the data (Next-Gen sequences for someone else). In some ways it sucks more when you have a deadline for someone else and you know you are screwing them over by being late. Sorry you are on the wrong end this time.

  5. That totally blows. Then again science is never on time (even with bigass safety factors). Dude, sigh.