Monday, January 4, 2010

NFL Challenge: Um, now what?

After 17 weeks of the NFL regular season, we're now in the playoffs. It was a strange week 17 with some teams keeping starters out to try and avoid the types of injuries that may have blown the Patriots' season yesterday. Even Candid Engineer pulled her picks this week to avoid an injury that could have left her rehabbing to get back on the field before the fall job season starts. But at the top of the board, the pool has ended slightly anti-climatically... with a tie.

Alyssa made a solid effort this week and one the week with 10 points, giving her sole possession of fourth place. I had 9 points this week, which was good for third, but left me two points out of the winner's circle. Tied with 131 total points are Nat and Damn Good Technician.

So, after toying with the idea of some sort of cage match to the death, I've decided to step in and have a playoff for the two of them. No one likes ties and there is still football left to be played. Plus, Skype apparently has rules against death matches on their service, so that was a non-starter.

Here are the rules. Both Nat and DGT will pick all rounds of the playoffs this week, from the wild card to the Super Bowl. I will post their picks and the one with the most correct picks wins. No spreads, just outright wins. The tiebreaker will be the total points in the Super Bowl using Price Is Right rules (closest without going over). If there is still a tie after that, then we'll have to find a cage.


  1. I was unaware that Skype lets you reach through your monitor, The Ring-like, and attack your opponent. Perhaps this technology is awesomer than I thought!

  2. They're working on all sorts of new applications for the technology.

  3. I'm just happy to have a strong week with all the craziness yesterday. I must have changed my pick for that last game (Jets/Bengals) about 24 times!

    Looking forward to seeing who wins the playoffs, and thanks for hosting this, PLS!

  4. but but but... I had the idea of a play off bet... maybe we can still do this?! I'm working on a grid and people telling me their picks and I can make a little table maybe? (I don't see an opportunity for this anywhere on line, I probalby suck at looking). Will post when I get home from work.

    THANKS A LOT for hosting PLS!! Although, I failed worse of all the 118 before the last week :) And never won one time, I have had a good time!!

    See you in the play offs?! And good luck Nat and DGT!

  5. "Two people enter, one person leaves!"

    "I must break you."
    "Go for it"


  6. Yes, I was very concerned about potential injury.

  7. We are so doing this again next year!

  8. hm, if anyone apart from our "two tied winners" want to wager on the Superbowl, I put the summary of the teams and schedule on my blog with an email addy to send to .....