Monday, August 17, 2009

Real Estate top 11, er, 9

It’s looking like we should get the highly anticipated “cleared to close” green light today or tomorrow. Ignoring the potential of jumping the gun here, I thought I would acquiesce to people’s interest in the Top 11 list we submitted with our offer. I’m not sure how interesting it’ll be for people unfamiliar with the house (um, all of you), but it might provide some ideas for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. The sellers obviously liked enough to take our offer over three others (there were other factors, of course, but all offers were around asking price) and we have heard from our agent that they were hoping to leave a Top Ten list of their own in the house for us. I did end up having to cut two points out, because they were a bit too specific for this venue, so here are 9 of the Top 11.

10. While we waited for your agent to arrive, we planned out just the right spot for a slip ‘n slide in the backyard.

9. We like beams. We really like beams.

8. We were talking about a couple of other houses before we saw yours, and the plan was to put in bamboo floors. Um, done.

7. We spend a lot of time cooking. Seven burners might just be enough to satiate us. (Our new kitchen has both electric and gas ranges)

6. We love the fact that you gave the biggest bedroom in the house to one of your daughters. We won’t change a thing when our monkey rules the house.

5. We have two cats and they will already have access to the basement and their “shietza huts”. (There is a cat door to the basement)

4. We support your war on carpets, and appreciate hardwoods.

3. We had already planned to add a dogwood to our yard, but with everything you have growing, there is not much we would have to do but maintain the beautiful gardens you worked so hard to build.

1. We knew, driving up to your home, that we could spend our next decade there and hopefully add to our family during that time. We’re tired of renting and ready for a home.

We will love and respect your home, just as it is evident that you did.
the PLS family


  1. Aww, that's made me all emotional (or maybe it's just my 2nd trimester hormones). I would totally pick you guys as new owners for a beloved house if I was selling.

  2. The term “shietza huts” always gets me too.

  3. Wow, what a nice thing to do. Is this a normal thing? I'm so bored of reading and seeing nothing but bullshit, inbred, assinine argument that something so nice is a real surprise!

  4. I'm so bored of reading and seeing nothing but bullshit, inbred, assinine argument that something so nice is a real surprise!

    I'll assume you aren't solely refering to this blog :)

    I don't think it is the normal thing to do, but my wife found the suggestion online and we both thought it couldn't hurt to try and put a "face" to an offer. Apparently another couple also wrote a letter, but it was three pages long and all gushy and shit. Keep it light and keep it to a page!

  5. That's really awesome (and I'm so glad it worked). Your house sounds great - two ranges, bamboo floors, slip 'n' slide...I'm drooling with envy. Stop it, AA. Post-doc, then job, *then* house. For now I will have to make do with renting a house that is currently under siege by city roadworks.

  6. Hmm, when we bought, I had never heard of this- but your nice top 10 list is a great idea. Yes, it is a little kiss-ass, but EVERY owner thinks his/her place is the cat's meow, so I bet a little flattery goes a long way.

    Congrats on the hose. :)

  7. It's like that bank commercial that overlays text that reads "74% of parents think there kid will get a college scholarship" on a scene where a guy is watching his son run into walls with a bucket on his head. Everyone thinks they have the best thing ever, so it doesn't hurt to stroke that a bit. Besides, we wouldn't be buying it if we didn't think it was great.