Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NFL week 5: tiebreaker addition

For the second straight week, Candid Engineer has swiped a victory by winning the tie breaker, this time besting myself and Chall for the week win with 8 points. CE becomes the first person to win two weeks and did so in back-to-back fashion. This week the trophy stays put.

The leader board has not been shaken, but certainly stirred. PiT's system is showing some cracks with only 5 wins this week, but she remains in second place trailing me by only one point. In a possibly related development, last week I received an unmarked package filled with plastic farm animals making obscene gestures.

Only 4 points separates the top 8 players. Is this the week that there's a change at the top?


  1. I wasn't paying attention last week as I was busy with work and stuff. This week I plan to kick some major ass.

    Oh, and I want my Farm Animals back.

  2. I totally stunk up the joint this week - who knew that Jacksonville would have been shut out after their performance the week before? By SEATTLE. And that Buffalo/Cleveland game was...something else :P LOL

  3. Gah, something about this week's picks was brutal.

    Nice to see I'm still right in the middle of the pack, as usual.

  4. Gah. I totally forgot again. However, after watching most of the games it would have made no difference because it was another utterly random week in the NFL.

  5. hm, in my world I was second though ;) (in comparison to being average point holder in the over all summary and on 9th place.

    Congrats CE!!!

    (and if this holds I have a chance... in the long run... I just need to kepp at it with 8/9 points when others crash with 5... like that's a good strategy ;) )

  6. I didn't think I had a chance since 4 of us were tied going into Monday night's game and then I lost my pick that night. But I guess, so did the rest. It was a bit of a brutal week out there.