Monday, July 26, 2010

Name that blog

It is a time of flux in the science bloggoshpere and here will be no different. There are blogs and bloggers moving all over the place (several to Labspaces, including Dr. Becca's new blog and Biochem Belle's new location) and more likely to move soon in the wake of the ScienceBlogs meltdown. With the biggest tree in the forest significantly reduced, the light is allowing for new growth of smaller networks. I knew I should have paid more attention in Ecology class.

I've got some things planned for the next week or so to shake things up here as well. The first order of business is changing the name of the blog. I have a few things kicking around in my head, but I've gotten lots of great ideas on a variety of topics from you readers, so I'm throwing the opportunity to name the blog out there for anyone who would like to give it a shot.

One factor that may make a difference is that I would like to move this blog in the direction of adding more content related to evolution. I'm not sold on including that in the name, but I'm leaning that way.



  1. The evolution of the substance...

    Let me give it some more thought and I might have some ideas to swing your way...

  2. I like Patchi's idea of melding your own evolution as a scientist with evolution per se.

    Not quite sure what that would entail, but I like the direction.

  3. What are the ones kicking around in your head? :)

  4. I'm with Patchi. My first thought was the evolution of PLS

  5. I like the Proflike handle, I vote for stasis.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, PLS!

    I know nothing about evolution beyond what I learned in high school, so to get the creative juices flowing I just googled "evolution terminology." My favorites were "Batesian mimicry" and "character displacement," but I imagine there's some sort of play on words you could concoct out of "survival of the fittest" as well...?

    Looking forward to hearing your final choice!

  7. No peeking, Ink.

    The handle will stay, but the name of the blog needs a change, me thinks.

    I'm thinking something slightly less straight forward than The Evolving Scientist, or some such moniker.

  8. Trying to think of something clever based on Punctuated Equilibrium...

    Failing... but I like the idea...

    Descent with Blogification?

  9. Random:

    Substantial Professor :-) (if you gained weight)

    Evolved Erudite (for maximal smugness)

    Substantially Evolving

    A Proflike Evolution

  10. Well, my favorite evolutionary term is antagonistic pleiotropy, could you work that in maybe?

  11. Academic Disequilibrium.
    Prof-like Panmixia.
    Going with the Gene Flow.

  12. Substantial Professor :-) (if you gained weight)

    Hmmm, maybe too close to home right now :)

    I like antagonistic pleiotropy, but I'm not sure I could spell it on a regular basis, which could get embarrassing.

    I like Academic Disequilibrium as well.

    One of the ones I have been turning about in my head was building on something suggested by another blogger. I kinda like the sound of The Spandrel Shop, if I really wanted to geek out in a Gouldian way.

  13. Forgive my audacity in posting to this thread, (not being an academic)
    ...but how about The Origin of the Thesis?

  14. I've been ruminating on things like:

    (r)evolving thoughts/academic
    surviving stasis
    convergent divergence


  15. BS, everyone is welcome to comment. I like the idea, but might modify it to The Origin of Theses.

    Patchi, I like the Convergent Divergence idea.