Thursday, December 10, 2009

Soooo professional

Yesterday I agreed to review a paper for a journal I had not previously reviewed for or published in. It's a decent international journal that is marginally related to my research foci. As I set up my account to view the manuscript I've been asked to look over I noticed an optional box on the web form that I normally ignore.


I think lack of sleep and this head cold are conspiring against my better judgment because after a brief internal debate, I wrote "MoFo" in the box, finished the form and and submitted it. Not 5 minutes later I got an email that started "Dear Dr. MoFo PLS".

I think I might start working more with this journal based on the fact that I will now laugh every time I receive an email from them.

*Cue the sound of postodcs worldwide saying "This idiot has a job and I'm still on the market? Fuck!"*


  1. My mom had her own business for a while, and at one point entered title for herself as "President, CEO and Queen" of the business when signing up for something. She then got junkmail for YEARS addressed to "So-and-So, Queen" etc. So she always knew who sold her info!

    Maybe you'll start getting spam addressed to Dr. MoFo PLS!

  2. HAHAHA! Awesome!

    Yes, everyone once in a while I will sign up for something as "Postdoc Extraordinaire" or similar when they ask for job title. But I like MoFo wayyyy better.

  3. Fantastic! I like Arlenna's point too...I'll have to try that.

  4. Maybe I should sell my information that way!

  5. Somebody should hack PhysioProfs account somewhere and change his saluation to Cockdoucheweaselmonkey

  6. Ahahaha, love it. That's really funny.

  7. Brilliant, wish I had thought of it. I must admit that I am usually confused when asked for the Salutation.