Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Fail

One entertaining tidbit from last week, and then back to science stuff.

This year was the first year the the Wee One understood that there is a person named Santa who she could identify. I don't think she had much idea what Santa does or represents, but she knew that this dude seems important around now. We had the opportunity to take her to meet Santa last week. We kept playing up the idea and she seemed excited. Santa and cookies sound like a great idea to her.

Until this big guy dressed in red showed up bellowing and looking to grab her. On no. It didn't matter who this Santa guy was, going near this crazy man wasn't happening. She was okay to observe him from about 10 feet away, but even in Mom's arms, getting within 5 feet of that guy was a no go. We have great pictures of a screaming Wee One being held in Santa's general vicinity, but that was as close to a Santa experience as this year would bear. Maybe next year.


  1. I don't blame her. A fuzzy red outfit on a random dude never convinced me of anything good either. Smart girl!

  2. Yeah, she clearly knows whats what.

  3. I'm convinced that the Santa experience is strictly for the parents until about the age of four. It was a pretty easy bet that the Wee One was not going to go near a strange man in a red suit with hair obscuring most of his face. We just had to listen to "No Santa!" said randomly for the rest of the day, but if you can't traumatize your kids, what's the point of having them?