Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Colleagues

Well, it's here. That big lecture that we've been promoting for a couple of months now and that the university gave me money to organize. Yup, that big-name speaker that we talked about is going to be here soon and all I need from y'all is to let me know the times you're available to meet the speaker.

Oh, you all want to go to the meals but don't seem to have any other available time? Well, what if I send you a second email specifically asking for times during the two days the speaker will be here that you would be willing to spend just 30 minutes conversing with our invited guest?

Hello? Is this thing on? Anyone out there?

After all of the organization and publicizing I've done around this event, not one of you has 30 minutes to spare to talk science? Hell, talk about your dog or something, I don't give a fuck, just commit to this minor task that should be enjoyable.


Dude. Fuck! sigh.


  1. This is where you go corner them, one by one, in their offices. I find that much more effective.

  2. Yes, unfortunately, the cornering has to be done. I learned this from my department last Fall and was quite disheartened. But then I learned to not take it personally, they're just lazy (or disorganized, hard to tell the difference).

  3. OK already! I'll take the 10:00 spot.


    Dr. Your Colleague Down the Hall

  4. Are you sure we aren't in the same dept?

  5. If we are, you better sign up for a fucking time slot.

  6. I'm busy both days too, except for 1130am to 1230pm.