Thursday, February 12, 2009


I got an email THIS MORNING that read as follows:

Today is the one significant opportunity for you to provide input to the Presidential Search process prior to selection of candidates by the committee. If new President is going to be someone who fully appreciates the Mission of Employment University, as a national research university, this is an important time to participate – and to also look ahead to the coming interviews, which are likely to be in April.

Hey, thanks for the fucking warning, let me drop everything I'm doing and come join the party. I really appreciate that they took the time to highlight that this is the ONE opportunity we have to weigh in here. Could you possibly go out of your way to make it more clear that you don't give a wet fuck about what we have to say? At least they didn't stress the fact that there would be pizza to get us there.


  1. Do they seriously think that the faculty believe their opinions will matter in the slightest?

    We were invited to voice concerns, opinions and/or suggestions about our next wave of budget cuts. You could hear the giggles coming out of every office on our floor when that email arrived. We were told that we could bring our own lunches though ...

  2. Hahahaha, yeah I have a concern about the newest budget cuts. They suck! Here's a suggestion. FIX IT!
    I'm sure that would turn things right around and you would be happy you went to that meeting.

  3. fucking typical (enjoying your blog though).