Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You mean OTHER people use the internet too?

I did a little bit of blog browsing recently and it turns out that there are a number of pages by other people in my position. I have posted a few in a box on the right. No surprise there, but the odd thing is that almost all of the blogs I came across in my admittedly shallow search were by women in science. I don't know why the early-career faculty blog market seems to be cornered by the feminine set, but as a guy, I found it interesting. Maybe it is simply a function of browsing linked pages, but something to ponder.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Keep browsing and you'll find a lot of male early-career bloggers out there too. For me, it's been a great support network where I can unload and complain amongst people who are going through or have already experienced/survived the same things.

    I loved the rats-in-pants paper btw :)

  2. Don't listen to PiT, it's all women in the prof blogging game....

    looking forward to more...

  3. And shoe shopping, to which I cannot contribute I'm sorry to say.

  4. Don't listen to DM, he's just upset that it's only the women that matter in the prof blogging game....

    And unless the shoes are hiking boots or chacos, you will NEVER see anything about shoe shopping on my blog.

  5. No, I’m actually more partial to my 12yr old Scarpas (the SL M3 Lady model to be precise) as they’ve been in all sorts of adventures on five different continents and are still going strong.